Born in Italy (1984) International Visual artist and director of Villa R Residency (click here). Giuditta has been showing her works in several contexts: Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania, Spain, America, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Greece, etc. And her works are in various collections both private and public worldwide. The artist             Currently lives in Berlin

Giuditta's artistic creations transport viewers into a mesmerizing world where contrasts come alive. Utilizing the timeless elegance of black and white, her pieces are imbued with a striking allure. Yet, it's the subtle details that truly captivate the observer. Amidst the monochromatic set, strong hints of color emerge. Glittering fragments, shimmering spangles, and miniature objects delicately punctuate each composition, their brilliance drawing the eye. These luminous accents serve as beacons of awareness, inviting contemplation and reflection. Each artwork becomes a journey of self-discovery, where the interplay of light and shadow unveils hidden truths and stirs the soul.

-"As an artist working primarily with graphite and mixed techniques on paper, my creations delve into the depths of the human unconscious, undertaking a psychosomatic investigation that uncovers myriad stressors, vices, tensions, and impulses. Through a meticulous combination of black and white, utilizing pencil (graphite), inks, pigments, and inserts, my works evoke the aesthetic of old photographs, imbuing them with an ancestral quality that renders them iconic relics without a defined historical period. Upon closer examination of my drawings, one discovers subtle hints of contemporary life interwoven amidst the grayscale palette. Glittery, golden, or colorful details emerge, offering a juxtaposition of hope against the backdrop of inner turmoil. These elements convey a positive message, sourced from a higher dimension, suggesting the potential for spiritual transformation and renewal. My artworks serve as a reflection, inviting viewers to ponder their own identities and trajectories. Through themes of joy, shame, sadness, and trauma, viewers are confronted with a "mirror effect" that transports them to the crucible of their own formative experiences. Yet, amidst the introspection, there exists a beacon of optimism, illuminating pathways toward a future characterized by hope and transcendence. Ultimately, my artistic practice seeks to provoke contemplation and introspection, offering new visions for personal growth and societal change. By excavating the depths of the human psyche, I aim to catalyze a journey toward self-awareness and spiritual evolution – the essential keys to reshaping our destinies and fostering a brighter tomorrow."- Giuditta R


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