Born in Italy (1984) International Visual artist and director of Villa R Residency (click here). Giuditta has been so far showing her works in several contexts: Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania, Spain, America, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Greece, etc. And her works are in various collections both private and public worldwide. The artist             Currently lives in Berlin

Giuditta’s artworks are generally created in black and white (pencil support). Only little particulars are underlined, in each drawing, by colored glitters, shiny spangles, and little objects, emerging drastically or with difficulty, from each representation. These bright elements symbolize the “eyes” of awareness.

Giuditta's artworks are all made with graphite and mixed techniques on paper. Her research is based on the human unconscious excavation, a psychosomatic investigation where the anatomy, physiognomy and facial expressions give us a myriad of stressors including vices, tensions, and impulses. This technique of black and white, pencil (graphite), inks, pigments and inserts, and framed images are typical of an old photograph. There is an ancestral effect on each work that transforms the images into iconic relics of which a historical period is felt but not defined. In a closer analysis of the drawings, the glittery, golden, or colorful details, give us on the other hand hints of contemporary life through a positive message of hope, prevenient from a higher dimension. The question about what we are observing here automatically becomes a hint to where we stand, who we are today, and who we will become. A sort of “mirror effect” brings us back to the atmosphere where our personality was once formed, through feelings of joy, shame, sadness, and some traumatic others, offering new visions for a future of hope and spiritual transformation, the only key to change our destiny.


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